How do I integrate with Salesforce?

Integrating UserIQ and SFDC

Benefits to Integration

UserIQ connects to the SFDC Bulk API endpoint to perform a Bi-directional sync of data on a nightly basis. This integration allows you to PULL data from Salesforce objects into UserIQ for a deeper insight into targeted messaging and analytics. You are also able to PUSH UserIQ data such as activity and usage back into Salesforce so all of your accounts/contacts in SFDC have a complete picture.

Connecting UserIQ to SFDC

The first part of setting up the integration requires having an admin login to SFDC.

SFDC Configuration

  1. To start the integration process, login to your instance. (You will need to be a Salesforce administrator)
  2. Click on the Setup button in the upper right hand corner.

  3. In the Build section of the left navigation menu, click Create > Apps:


  1. In the Connected Apps list, click on the “New” button.

  2. In the Basic Information section, add the following details:
  1. Click on the “API (Enable OAuth Settings)” checkbox:

For Production, use the following value as the Callback URL:

Or for Sandbox, use the following value as the Callback URL:

  1. Click the Save button

Note: There will be a delay of 2-10 minutes after you click save before the Connected App is ready for user. Wait 10 minutes before continuing on to the final steps.

UserIQ Configuration

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to the following URL:!/sfdc

  1. Enter the Salesforce Customer ID and Secret found on the Connected App page for UserIQ in Salesforce:

  2. Click Connect to Salesforce
    a. Only use the Sandbox checkbox if you are using a sandbox instance of Salesforce
    b. Once clicking Connect, you will be redirected and asked to allow UserIQ Access
    c. If you are not redirected back to the setup page in UserIQ, follow this link!/sfdc
  1. Configure Salesforce Sync Settings
    a. Choose if you want to sync Account data or User data or both
    b. Choose which way to sync data - to UserIQ, to SFDC, or both

  2. Enable Data Sync checkbox and Save Settings
  1. Configure Salesforce Fields to Sync with UserIQ
    a. Choose which Salesforce Object - Account or User
         i. If you want to do both User and Account, they need to both be set up separately

* See the schema below for a list of fields

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